Welcome to My Site


I am a licensed Mental Health therapist (#00010994) with  twenty years of experience counseling individuals, couples, families, and adolescents.  I have a special interest in neuroscience and attachment theory in the context of helping individuals cope and heal from stress, trauma and grief.  I am also passionate about assisting people in developing healthy, authentic relationships, and in carving out their own unique life course.

Experience with clientele includes:

Managing stress
Depression and anxiety
Marriage and family counseling
Adolescence and parenting adolescents
Pregnancy and postpartum depression
Early parenting
Addiction and Harm reduction
Chronic illness
Professional consultation


Modalities include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Family systems
Emotional Focused Therapy
Somatic Intervention
Harm Reduction
Attachment theory and exercises
Spiritual exploration

Education and Training

I hold a Masters degree in Counseling from Bastyr University, with an emphasis in Family Systems Therapy.

In 2017 I attended a 10 day retreat with Gabor Mate. Our group’s purpose was to assist one another in our own deep inner process in order to effectively assist others  in healing early childhood trauma, PTSD, grief,  and addictive behavior.

In 2015 I completed an 18 month post-graduate training in Somatic Transformation, that explores and treats the physiological and psychological effects of complex traumatic experiences.

In 2014 I completed a year-long leadership certification program, Generating Transformative Change, through Saybrook University/Pacific Integral.

You can reach me at:

Catherine Wetzel Larkin M.A.LMHC

5306 Ballard Ave N.W.  Suite 408
Seattle WA. 98107

My rate is $120.00 an hour.  I accept fees on a prearranged sliding scale.

I accept Regence, First Choice, and Cigna.


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